Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z232.B82J5 An address delivered at the annual meeting of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, February 9th, 1869, 1
Z232.B823J6 The first printing in Kentucky; some account of Thomas Parvin and John Bradford and the establishment of the Kentucky gazette in Lexington in the year 1787, with a bibliography of seventy titles, 1
Z232.B823M2 John Bradford, pioneer printer of Kentucky; an account of how public necessity affected the career of a Kentuckian who, without previous experience in printing, brought the first press to Lexington during 1787 and there established the Kentucky gazette, 1
Z232.B825G2 William Bradford, printer to the king, containing a number of views of the city of New York at the time of Will Bradford and several examples of his typographical efforts, 1
Z232.B825M2 New York printing MDCXCIII : facsimiles in the full scale of the originals of all known New York imprints of that year, compiled & edited / 1
Z232.B825W2 An address delivered at the celebration by the New York Historical Society, May 20, 1863, of the two hundredth birth day of Mr. William Bradford, who introduced the art of printing into the middle colonies of British America. 1
Z232.B84M2 The pioneer printer of New Orleans / 1
Z232.B85A15 150 [i.e. Cento e cinqüenta] anos de tipografía oficial; seleção de cento e cinqüenta livros e periódicos impressos de 1808 a 1958, nas oficinas do Departamento de Imprensa Nacional. 1
Z232.B85A17 O homem na Imprensa nacional, 1940. 1
Z232.B85A18 O meio na Imprensa nacional, 1940. 1
Z232.B85A22 A técnica na Imprensa Nacional, 1940 1
Z232.B86L52 Die Bremer Presse, Königin der deutschen Privatpressen; eine Rückschau mit einem Verzeichnis aller erschienenen Werke, 1
Z232.B87H27 1987 The Pilgrim press : a bibliographical & historical memorial of the books printed at Leyden by the Pilgrim fathers / 1
Z232.B875 U66 2012 Uomini di lettere, uomini di libri : i Britannico di Palazzolo, 1469-1650 / 1
Z232.B88B53 1995 The black unicorn : Dudley Randall & the Broadside Press / 1
Z232.B9I73 Checklist of books & periodicals printed by William Bulmer. 1
Z232.B9M3 William Bulmer, Thomas Bensley : a study in transition / 1
Z232.B9T59 William Bulmer and the Shakspeare Press : a biography of William Bulmer / 1
Z232.B93T55 1957 William Bulmer and the Shakspeare Press : a biography of William Bulmer / 1
Z232.B94J79 Butterworths, history of a publishing house / 1
Z232.B948B870 1987 Zapiski khudozhestvennogo redaktora / 1
Z232.C17 B58 2000 Cambridge University Press, 1584-1984 / 1
Z232.C17 B59 2000 A short history of Cambridge University Press / 1
Z232.C17B590 1992 A short history of Cambridge University Press / 1
Z232.C17 C68 1976 The Cambridge Christmas books / 1
Z232.C17 C69 1974 A printer's Christmas books / 1
Z232.C17 C7 1968 Two men : Walter Lewis and Stanley Morison at Cambridge / 1
Z232.C17 J64 1999 Printing and publishing for the University : three hundred years of the Press Syndicate / 1
Z232.C17M370 1984 Four hundred years of university printing and publishing in Cambridge, 1584-1984 : catalogue of the exhibition in the University Library, Cambridge / 1
Z232.C17M373 1992 A history of Cambridge University Press / 1
Z232.C17 M373 1992eb A history of Cambridge University Press. Vol. 1, Printing and the book trade in Cambridge, 1534-1698 / 1
Z232.C17 N82 1964 Words in their hands : a series of photographs / 1
Z232.C17R54 Theophil Caesar. Drucker am Gymnasium Illustre Arnoldinum zu (Burg-) Steinfurt. 1
Z232.C17R64 1950 Report on the typography of the Cambridge University Press / 1
Z232.C17 S35 2009 A stickful of nonpareil / 1
Z232.C17S38 1956 A stickful of nonpareil / 1
Z232.C2A3 Cambridge University Press : notes on its history & development. 1
Z232.C2A32 Four centuries of printing; an exhibition of books printed at the University Press, Cambridge, England, 1534-1934. 1
Z232.C2A33 A list of books printed in Cambridge at the University Press, 1521-1800. 1
Z232.C2B62 Cambridge University Press, 1584-1984 / 1
Z232.C2L48 A guide to the archives of the Cambridge University Press, 1
Z232.C2M86 A tally of types / 1
Z232.C2R59 The evolution of Cambridge publishing. 1
Z232.C2R6 A history of the Cambridge university press 1521-1921. 1
Z232.C205B48 Die Drucke Jakob Cammerlanders zu Strassburg, 1531-1548. 1
Z232.C21C2 Annual report. 1
Z232.C21I470 1990 Impressions : stories of the nation's printer : early years to 1900 / 1
Z232.C26C272 2000 Carcanet 2000 : a commonplace book. 1
Z232.C28T2 Will Carter, printer: an illustrated study. 1
Z232.C3H59 "The Catnach Press." 1
Z232.C3H6 The history of the Catnach Press : at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Alnwick and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in Northumberland, and Seven Dials, London / 1
Z232.C3M92 Catnachery / 1
Z232.C38A9 Caxton, mirrour of fifteenth-century letters : a study of the literature of the first English press / 1
Z232.C38B4 A list of the reproductions both imitations and in facsimile of theproduction of the press of William Caxton, England's first printer. / 1
Z232.C38B59 A catalogue of books printed by (or ascribed to the press of) William Caxton, in which is included the pressmark of every copy contained in the library of the British Museum. 1
Z232.C38B6 How to tell a Caxton : with some hints where and how the same might be found / 1
Z232.C38B605 The life and typography of William Caxton, England's first printer, with evidence of his typographical connection with Colard Mansion, the printer at Bruges. 1
Z232.C38B64 Caxton : England's first publisher / 1
Z232.C38B6450 1985 William Caxton : a bibliographical guide / 1
Z232.C38B650 1991 William Caxton and English literary culture / 1