Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z122.5.L2 The training department of the Lakeside press; an historical sketch together with an illustrated description of its progress, aims and purposes. 1
Z122.5.M19 Stationers' Company apprentices, 1605-1640. 1
Z122.5.U5 1961 Government Printing Office apprentices. Hearing, Eighty-seventh Congress, first session, on S. 2488, a bill to increase the number of apprentices authorized to be employees of the Government Printing Office. September 6, 1961. 1
Z122.5.U6 Practical apprenticeship for printers; sugguestions concerning the training of apprentices for the printing crafts, 1
Z122.5.U6L4 Training craftsmen at the Lakeside Press : The Lakeside Press apprentice school 1908-1927. 1
Z123 Personnel rating procedures of American libraries 1
Z123.A16 Qiṣṣat al-jarīdah / 1
Z123.B33 The story of printing. 1
Z123.B6 An account of the German morality-play, entitled Depositio cornuti typographici, as performed in the 17th and 18th centuries. With a rhymical translation of the German version of 1648. 1
Z123.B7 New developments in the graphic arts, 1
Z123.E64 The first book of printing, 1
Z123.G29 Lettere bibliografiche / 1
Z123.G7 1948 Some remarks on the printed book / 1
Z123.L7 How men kept their records, 1
Z123.M21 Pamphlets on printing 1
Z123.M61 Fleuron anthology, 1
Z123.M67 1980 Private presses of San Serriffe / 1
Z123.M8 1942 Bokhandelens kulturoppgave : tale ved Bokhandlerskolens eksamensfest 4. juni 1942. 1
Z124 Methods of catalog card reproduction in American libraries.
The nature of the book : print and knowledge in the making /
Print culture and peripheries in early modern Europe : a contribution to the history of printing and the book trade in small European and Spanish cities /
Print and power in early modern Europe (1500-1800) /
Interacting with Print Elements of Reading in the Era of Print Saturation.
Z124.A1P92 Journal of the Printing Historical Society. 1
Z124.A2 A372 Abrahamus Crouleius Anglorum Pindarus, Flaccus ... 1
Z124.A2A45 The APHA letter / 1
Z124.A2A52 1999 Anatomie bibliologiche : saggi di storia del libro per il centenario de "La Bibliofilía" / 1
Z124.A2 A566 An [amount?] of sevirall impresions & editions of vocabulars & [dicksionaries?] (word books) most espesialy relating to ye English nation with some observatione on [the?] author &t 1
Z124.A2 A69 Apud Fulvium Vrsinum in nomismate aerea. 1
Z124.A2A73 Armarium : studia ex historia scripturae, librorum et ephemeridum = Studien aus der Geschichte der Schrift, der Bücher und der Periodica / 1
Z124.A2A785 Specimens of printing. 1
Z124.A2A786 Articles on printing. 1
Z124.A2 B387 [Battle scene, from an unidentified work, involving three men on horseback aided by a mounted figure with a pitchfork, beneath a caption "Simulachra" ] 1
Z124.A2 B68 2014 Nouveaux aspects de la culture de l'imprimé : questions et perspectives (XVe-XVIIe siècles) / 1
Z124.A2 B83 2005 Buchkultur im Mittelalter : Schrift, Bild, Kommunikation / 1
Z124.A2 B83 2005eb Buchkultur im Mittelalter : Schrift, Bild, Kommunikation / 1
Z124.A2B92 Das Buch und sein Haus : [Gerhard Liebers gewidmet zur Vollendung des 65. Lebensjahrs am 23. Mai 1979] / 1
Z124.A2 C46 Clock maker. 1
Z124.A2 C65 The complea[t?] acc ... 1
Z124.A2 C66 2007 The commonwealth of books : essays and studies in honour of Ian Willison / 1
Z124.A2 C731 [Illustration of the creation of Eve from Adam's rib] 1
Z124.A2 D39 1547 [Six examples of ornaments and initials printed by John Day]. 1
Z124.A2 E92 [Example of title page ornamentation from undetermined work]. 1
Z124.A2 F549 [Engraving of a figure floating on top of an expanse of water] in the upper left-hand corner is "XXIX" and in the upper right-hand corner is "p. 48"]. 1
Z124.A2 H352 [A hand holding a crown emerges from a cloud toward a kneeling figure who quotes John 21:15: Lord thou knowest that I love thee] 1
Z124.A2 H47 [H]ere followeth the third Booke of militare stratagemes, lavves & dueties ... 1
Z124.A2 H47 1533 Here begynneth The greate abbredgeme[n]t of all the statutes of Englond vntyll the .xxiiii .yere of Kyng Henry the .VIII. 1
Z124.A2H8 1942 Tíz írás a nyomdászatról. 1
Z124.A2 H853 [Humanized animals in a procession between decorative borders] 1
Z124.A2 I43 [Illustration of a castle and ship upon a shield]. 1
Z124.A2 I556 [Illustration of a demon being cast out of a man by a priest at an altar] 1
Z124.A2 I5561 [Illustration of a man with crown and sceptor standing by a column, within a decorative border]
[Illustration of a man in hat and cape standing by a column, within a decorative border]
Z124.A2 I558 [Illustration of three men uncovering a sleeping man from an unidentified work] 1
Z124.A2 I5585 [Illustration of a lion and lioness with crowns on their heads beset by other animals] 1
Z124.A2 I56 1634 Perlegi librum hunc, in quo nihil reperio quo minus cum utilitate imprimatur ... 1
Z124.A2 I56 1639 Imprimatur: Mat. Clay. And by other authority. Febr. 21. 1639. 1
Z124.A2 I561 [Illustration of a man kneeling among lions in a pit while an angel hovers above a man at the edge of the pit]. 1
Z124.A2 J486 [Jesus on the shore calling to three fishing disciples ] 1
Z124.A2J66 Selected essays on books and printing. 1
Z124.A2K89 2009 K výzkumu zámeckých, měšťanských a církevních knihoven : Jazyk a řeč knihy / 1
Z124.A2 L358 [A winged hunter kneels over the body of a dead stag]
[Engraved leaf signed "J: Lamsvelt: fec" with five separate depictions]
[A procession led by a woman casts a coffin into the sea under a starry sky]
[Two illustrations on one leaf of standing gentlemen, one holding a walking stick]
[Engraving of a man in the wilderness, his hand out-stretched to the night sky]
Z124.A2 L426 Learn here a simple lif[e], 1
Z124.A2 L447 [The left profile of a walking man with outstretched right hand] 1
Z124.A2 L48 [The letter "A" flanked by two leaf fleurons and within a decorative border] 1