Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z1001.P9 Bibliography, a manual for students of library method at the University of Pittsburgh, 1
Z1001.P930 1990 Problemy nat͡sionalʹnoĭ bibliografii : sbornik nauchnyh trudov / 1
Z1001.R2 Documentation and its facets; being a symposium of seventy papers by thirty-two authors. 1
Z1001.R3530 1973 Documentation: genesis and development 1
Z1001.R36 Khrestomatii͡a po russkoĭ bibliografii s XI veka po 1917 g. Rekomendovano v kachestve ucheb. posobii͡a dli͡a studentov bibliotechnykh in-tov. 1
Z1001.R38 Fonctionnement d'un centre de documentation; instructions générales rédigées pour les instituts de recherches coloniaux 1
Z1001.R49 General library co-operation and American research books : collected papers / 1
Z1001.R5 Some aspects of international library co-operation, papers and extracts 1
Z1001.R6 1979 Systematic bibliography : a practical guide to the work of compilation / 1
Z1001.R61 La chasse aux bibliographes et antiquaires mal-avisés, 1
Z1001.R62 Die Bearbeitung empfehlender Bibliographien; allgemeine Grundsätze und methodische Verfahren. 1
Z1001.R66 Systematic bibliography; a practical guide to the work of compilation. 1
Z1001.R66 1971 Systematic bibliography; a practical guide to the work of compilation, 1
Z1001.R7 A manual of bibliography : being an introduction to the knowledge of books, library management and the art of cataloguing, with a list of bibliographical works of reference, a Latin-English and English-Latin topographical index of ancient printing centres, and a glossary. 1
Z1001 .R731 1891 A manual of bibliography : being an introduction to the knowledge of books, library management, and the art of cataloguing / 1
Z1001.R770 1984 Points at issue : a bookseller looks at bibliography : a lecture delivered at the Library of Congress on April 24, 1984 / 1
Z1001.R84 Bibliographie und Bibliograph. Eine Literaturinformation über Formen und Methoden der Bibliographie mit einem Ausblick auf die elektronische Verarbeitung bibliographischer Daten. 1
Z1001.R87 A first-year course in bibliography and reference; class outline, 1
Z1001.R9 Bibliografii͡a detskoĭ literatury; uchebnik dli͡a studentov bibliotechnykh institutov. 1
Z1001.R905 Bibliografiia estestvennonauchnoi, tekhnicheskoi i sel'skokhoziaistvennoi literatury; uchebnik. 1
Z1001.R95 Ocherki teorii i metodiki literaturnoĭ bibliografii. 1
Z1001.S2350 Bibliographic methods and reading behaviour / 1
Z1001.S24 Introduction to information science. 1
Z1001.S348 Einführung in die Bibliographie, 1
Z1001.S35 Theory and history of bibliography, 1
Z1001.S35 1999 Handbuch der Bibliographie / 1
Z1001.S351 Theory and history of bibliography. 1
Z1001 .S454 2001 Il cimento della bibliografia / 1
Z1001.S477 2000 Analecta libraria : temi di critica bibliografica e di storia bibliotecaria / 1
Z1001.S53 Metodika sostavlenii͡a annotat͡siĭ. 1
Z1001.S535 Sistemnyĭ kharakter informat͡sii / 1
Z1001.S54 Bibliographic organization; 1
Z1001.S55 Information resources; a challenge to American science and industry , 1
Z1001.S68 Klassifikationssysteme und Thesauri; eine Anleitung zur Herstellung von Klassifikationssystemen und Thesauri im Bereich der Dokumentation. 1
Z1001.S680 Sovremennye problemy razvitii͡a rekomendatelʹnoĭ bibliografii; sbornik stateĭ. 1
Z1001.S78 Bibliographie et littérature; (trouvailles d'un bibliophile), 1
Z1001.S784 1989 Standard practices in the preparation of bibliographic records. 1
Z1001.S785 Standardization for documentation. 1
Z1001.S79 Introduction to subject study 1
Z1001.S8 Notes on modern bibliography. 1
Z1001.S840 1982 The function of bibliography / 1
Z1001.S86 Personal documentation for professionals : means and methods / 1
Z1001.S87 The function of bibliography, 1
Z1001.T24 Book catalogues: their varieties and uses. 1
Z1001 .T25 2002 Introduction to bibliography : seminar syllabus / 1
Z1001 .T255 1998 Literature and artifacts / 1
Z1001.T26 Precis: documentation orientation course, 12 March-6 April 1963. 1
Z1001.T267 1992 Introduction to bibliography : seminar syllabus / 1
Z1001.T340 1987 Book catalogues : their varieties and uses / 1
Z1001.T35 Text. 1
Z1001.T4 Hither and thither; a collection of comments on books and bookish matters, 1
Z1001.T43 2006 Teaching bibliography, textual criticism, and book history / 1
Z1001.T63E85 1991 Essays in honor of William B. Todd / 1
Z1001.T65 Kratkie osnovy bibliografii; posobie dli͡a studentov vysshikh uchebnikh zavedeniĭ. 1
Z1001.T83 2007 Tu shu guan : wen hua de shou wang zhe / 1
Z1001.U58 Monthly bulletin on scientific documentation and terminology. 1
Z1001.U59 Bibliographical services, their present state and possibilities of improvement. Report prepared as a working paper for an international conference on bibliography 1
Z1001.U597 Bibliographical procedures & style : a manual for bibliographers in the Library of Congress / 1
Z1001.U598 Bibliographical procedures & style; a manual for bibliographers in the Library of Congress, 1
Z1001.U6 Manual for bibliographers in the Library of Congress / 1