Call Number (LC) Title Results
RC439.G58 1990 Asylums : essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates / 1
RC439.G61 Asylums : essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates. 1
RC439.G611 Asylums : essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates. 1
RC439.G65 Therapy by design; implications of architecture for human behavior, 1
RC439 .G66 2003 Mad Yankees : the Hartford Retreat for the Insane and nineteenth-century psychiatry / 1
RC439.G74 The psychiatric hospital as a therapeutic instrument; collected papers of High Point Hospital. 1
RC439.G79 Dynamics of institutional change; the hospital in transition 1
RC439.G8 From custodial to therapeutic patient care in mental hospitals : explorations in social treatment / 1
RC439.G805 The patient and the mental hospital; contributions of research in the science of social behavior. 1
RC439 .H22 1879 Insane asylum reform. I., The non-asylum treatment of the insane / 1
RC439 .H46 Psychotherapeutic management on the short-term unit : glimpses at inpatient psychiatry / 1
RC439.H470 1984 Inpatient psychiatry : toward rapid restoration of function / 1
RC439 .H477 2013 Working with families in medical settings : a multidisciplinary guide for psychiatrists and other health professionals / 1
RC439 .H478 2007 Working with families of psychiatric inpatients : a handbook for clinicians / 1
RC439 .H478 2007eb Working with families of psychiatric inpatients : a guide for clinicians / 1
RC439 .H63 1998eb The Desegregation of the mentally ill / 1
RC439 .H67 2009 Agnes's jacket : a psychologist's search for the meanings of madness / 1
RC439.H67 2018 Agnes's jacket : a psychologist's search for the meanings of madness / 1
RC439.H69 The desegregation of the mentally ill 1
RC439.I50 1983 Inpatient psychiatry : diagnosis and treatment / 1
RC439.I5640 1983 General hospital psychiatry : a challenge for the future of psychiatry : proceedings of the International Congress on General Hospital Psychiatry, Centro Ramon y Cajal, Madrid, Spain, 23-27 January 1983 / 1
RC439.I57 1985 Acute psychiatric bed need planning : issues and methodologies, methodological note no. 6 / 1
RC439.I58 1987 Involuntary commitment to outpatient treatment : report of the Task Force on Involuntary Outpatient Commitment / 1
RC439.J4 Mental clinics; an account of their development in the United States. 1
RC439 .J43 1870 Proper provision for the insane / 1
RC439 .J49 2016 This way madness lies : the asylum and beyond / 1
RC439 .J6 2000eb Mental hospitals at work / 1
RC439.J6213 1991 Madness and social representations : living with the mad in one French community / 1
RC439 .J66 1851 Hints on the management of lunatic asylums / 1
RC439.J73 Partial hospitalization for the mentally ill; a study of programs and problems 1
RC439.J74 Psychiatric emergencies and the general hospital / 1
RC439.J75 The psychiatric emergency : a study of patterns of service / 1
RC439.J77 Mental hospitals at work, 1
RC439.K21 The psychiatric unit in a general hospital : its current and future role / 1
RC439.K6440 1984 How you can help : a guide for families of psychiatric hospital patients / 1
RC439.K7 Manual for the comprehensive community mental health clinic / 1
RC439.K9 Day hospital; a study of partial hospitalization in psychiatry. 1
RC439.L460 1986 The psychiatric hospital : context, values, and therapeutic process / 1
RC439.L4670 1993 Less time to do more : psychotherapy on the short-term inpatient unit / 1
RC439 .L6 1879 Hospitals and asylums for the insane : shall we distinquish between them and provide for the latter at less expense, a paper read / 1
RC439.L65 1921 The experiences of an asylum doctor; with suggestions for asylum and lunacy law reform. 1
RC439.L663 1832 Quid sit faciendum si vesani aut medicaminibus aut cibis assumendis obstinate reluctentur : dissertatio inauguralis / 1
RC439.L67 Patienthood in the mental hospital; an analysis of role, personality, and social structure, 1
RC439.L674 2009 El Hospital de ignoscents, folls e orats (1409-1512) y la medicina valenciana durante el siglo XV / 1
RC439.L76 Frontiers in general hospital psychiatry. 1
RC439 .M23 2007 Madness, architecture and the built environment : psychiatric spaces in historical context / 1
RC439 .M35 2008 Ward 81 / 1
RC439.M38 The mental ward; a personnel guidebook. 1
RC439.M390 Strategies of mental hospital change / 1
RC439.M4 Special report of the State Board of Insanity to the Massachusetts General Court as to the best method of providing for the insane. (In compliance with chapter 34, resolves of 1908) May, 1908. 1
RC439.M490 1982 Mentally ill mothers and their children / 1
RC439.M52 The day treatment center; principles, application and evaluation, 1
RC439.M54 A manual for the surgical management of the psychiatric patient. 1
RC439.M56 The Mentally ill and the right to treatment / 1
RC439.M57 Mentally ill mothers and their children / 1
RC439 .M66 1816 Observations of Dr. Monro, (physician to Bethlem Hospital), upon the evidence taken before the Committee of the Hon. House of Commons for regulating mad-houses. 1
RC439 .M67 1824 Morison, Alexander. 1
RC439 .M75 1997 Evaluating treatment environments : the quality of psychiatric and substance abuse programs / 1
RC439.M83 Evaluating treatment environments; a social ecological approach 1
RC439.M90 1982 Multimodel handbook for a mental hospital : designing specific treatments for specific problems / 1