Call Number (LC) Title Results
RC310.5 .S36 1688 Exercitatio medica de phthisi / 1
RC310.5 .S38 1699 Dissertatio inauguralis medica exhibens ægrum phthisi laborantem ... / 1
RC310.5.S45 1883 The pathology and morbid anatomy of tubercle; report to the Wisconsin State Medical Society, 1
RC310.5.S650 1988 The retreat of tuberculosis, 1850-1950 / 1
RC310.5 .S67 1891 A report on Koch's treatment of tubercular disease / 2
RC310.5 .S67 1892 Second progress report on Koch's treatment of tubercular disease /
Second progress report on Koch's treatment of tubercular disease.
RC310.5 .S68 1867 The nature and affinities of tubercle : being the Gulstonian lectures for the year 1867 / 1
RC310.5.T5 1890 De la tuberculose chirurgicale suites immédiates et éloignées de l'intervention traitmement pré et post-opératoire / 1
RC310.5.T97 1835 Consumption, why so fatal? : What are the means by which it can be prevented in those predisposed to, and its progress arrested in those already affected with it? ... / 1
RC310.5 .V47 1886 [Letter to Dr Lereboullet]. 1
RC310.5.W55 1871 Pulmonary consumption : its nature, varieties and treatment. with an analysis of one thousand cases to exemplify its duration / 1
RC311 Tuberculosis in adults and children /
Significance of antigen and epitope specificity in tuberculosis.
Extrapulmonary tuberculosis /
Nanotechnology based approaches for tuberculosis treatment
Mechanistic approach to medicines for tuberculosis nanotherapy /
Current Diagnosis of Infant Tuberculosis Infection.
Handbook of tuberculosis /
RC311.A4 The Surgery of pulmonary tuberculosis, 1
RC311.A5 Tuberculosis and leprosy, the mycobacterial diseases. 1
RC311.A530 A treatise on tuberculosis, the constitutional origin of consumption and scrofula. 1
RC311.A75 1998 Tuberculosis programs : review, planning, technical support : a manual of methods and procedures / 1
RC311.B2 Tuberculosis, bacteriology, pathology and laboratory diagnosis, with sections on immunology, epidemiology, prophylaxis and experimental therapy, 1
RC311.B25 Lehrbuch der spezifischen Diagnostik und Therapie der Tuberkulose : für Ärzte und Studierende / 1
RC311.B250 An enquiry illustrating the nature of tuberculated accretions of serous membranes: and the origin of tubercles and tumours in different textures of the body ... 1
RC311.B260 Illustrations of the enquiry respecting tuberculous diseases. 1
RC311.B35 1855 The water-cure in consumption; a demonstration of its curability ... 1
RC311.B36 Recherches sur la phthisie pulmonaire; ouvrage lu à la société de la Faculté de médecine de Paris, dans diverses séances, en 1809 et 1810. 1
RC311.B38 1794 De la phthisie pulmonaire, ouvrage couronné en 1783, sur la question proposée en ces termes: Déterminer quels sont les signes qui annoncent une disposition à la phthisie pulmonaire, et quels sont les moyens d'en prévenir l'invasion ou d'en arrêter les progrès ... 1
RC311.B4 The suppression of tuberculosis, together with Observations concerning phthisiogenesis in man and animals and Suggestions concerning the hygiene of cow stables and the production of milk for infant feeding, with special reference to tuberculosis, 1
RC311.B40 Observations on the medical and domestic management of the consumptive; on the powers of digitalis purpurea; and on the cure of schrophula. 1
RC311.B45 The pathology and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis; and on the local medication of pharyngeal and laryngeal diseases frequently mistaken for, or associated with, phthisis. 1
RC311.B46 Therapie der tuberkulose, 1
RC311.B46 1720 Theatrum tabidorum: or, The nature and cure of consumptions, whether a phthisick, an atrophy, or an hectick. With preliminary exercitations ... Translated into English. 1
RC311.B46 1859 The pathology and treatment of pulmonary consumption; and the local medication of pharyngeal, laryngeal, bronchial, and nasal diseases mistaken for, or associated with, phthiasis. 1
RC311.B5 Tuberkulosebekämpfung, tuberkulösenfürsorge. 1
RC311.B74 Consumption and its treatment in all its forms. 1
RC311.B757 Die chronische Lungenschwindsucht und Tuberkulose der Lunge; ihre Ursache und ihre Heilung, 1
RC311.B76 Mittheilungen aus Dr. Brehmer's Heilanstalt für Lungenkranke in Görbersdorf / 1
RC311.B8 Rules for recovery from pulmonary tuberculosis; a layman's handbook of treatment, 1
RC311.B81 Rules for recovery from pulmonary tuberculosis; a layman's handbook of treatment. 1
RC311.B83 1770 Abhandlung von der Schwindsucht. Aus dem Französischen übersezt. 1
RC311.B84 Traité de la phtisie pulmonaire. 1
RC311.B85 Inflammation of the lungs: tuberculosis and comsumption ... 1
RC311.B88 Recent advances in pulmonary tuberculosis. 1
RC311.B893 1876 Therapeutics of tuberculosis or pulmonary consumption / 1
RC311.B9 A study in the epidemiology of tuberculosis with especial reference to tuberculosis of the tropics and of the Negro race, 1
RC311.B974 1909 The open-air treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. 1
RC311.C2 Chemical changes in tuberculous tissues ... / 1
RC311.C228 L'infection bacillaire et la tuberculose chez l'homme et chez les animaux; processus d'infection, et de defense, étude biologique et expérimentale, 1
RC311.C228 1936 L'infection bacillaire et la tuberculose chez l'homme et chez les animaux; étude biologique et expérimentale; vaccination préventive. 1
RC311.C23 Tubercle bacillus infection and tuberculosis in man and animals, processes of infection and resistance; 1
RC311.C34 1984 The white plague in Ulster : a short history of tuberculosis in Northern Ireland / 1
RC311.C47 1903 A handbook on the prevention of tuberculosis, 1
RC311.C54 Nurses' papers on tuberculosis. 1
RC311.C64 1880 Die Tuberkulose vom Standpunkte der Infectionslehre. 1
RC311 .C655 2003 Clinical tuberculosis / 1
RC311 .C655 2008 Clinical tuberculosis / 1
RC311.C7 The causes of tuberculosis, together with some account of the prevalence and distribution of the disease, 1
RC311.D17 Recettività e resistenza nella tubercolosi polmonare 1
RC311 .D25 1997 Captain of death : the story of tuberculosis / 1
RC311.D29 1891 Consumption: how to prevent it and how to live with it; its nature, its causes, its prevention, and the mode of life, climate, exercise, food, clothing necessary for its cure, 1
RC311.D3 Consumption, its prevention and cure without medicine; with chapters on sanitation and prevention of other diseases, 1
RC311.D32 Die Tuberkulose, ihre Erkennung und Behandlung, 1
RC311 .D362 2006 Pathogenesis of human pulmonary tuberculosis : insights from the rabbit model / 2
RC311.D4 Rocky mountain health resorts. An analytical study of high altitudes in relation to the arrest of chronic pulmonary disease. 1