Call Number (LC) Title Results
RC307.S95 Symposium of tuberculosis / 1
RC309.A1C552 1915 The Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium and its various agencies ... : Sanitarium dedication, February 16th, 1915. 1
RC309.A1C88 Tuberculosis dispensary method and procedure. 1
RC309.A1C9 Tuberculosis dispensary method and procedure. 1
RC309.A1N3 Tuberculosis hospital and sanatorium construction, written for the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis / 1
RC309.A1S3 Das freilufthaus, ein neues bausystem für krankenanstalten und wohngebäude, prämiiert mit der goldenen medaille vom Internationalen tuberkulosekongress in Washington 1908, 1
RC309.A2N32 Tuberculosis Association directory : a list of associations and committees affiliated with the National Tuberculosis Association in the United States / 1
RC309.A2N33 Tuberculosis hospital and sanatorium directory / 1
RC309.A28 1948 Irregular discharge; the problem of hospitalization of the tuberculous. 1
RC309.A3A6 The Journal of the American Medical Association. Tuberculosis number ... December 7, 1935. 1
RC309.A3A61 Survey of tuberculosis hospitals and sanatoriums in the United States. 1
RC309.A5A3 Reported tuberculosis data. 1
RC309.A5 M66 1947 The American Sanatorium Association : a brief historical sketch / 1
RC309.A5O88 1996 Fevered lives : tuberculosis in American culture since 1870 / 1
RC309.C49 Bulletin [of the] City of Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitorium ... 1
RC309.C51 The Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium and its various agencies ... : Sanitarium dedication, February 16th, 1915. 1
RC309.C515 The municipal control of tuberculosis in Chicago. City of Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, its history and provisions. To the mayor and the City Council of the ciy of Chicago. 1
RC309.C527 Annual medical report of the Chicago Tuberculosis Institute and the Edward Sanatorium ... 1
RC309.C5271 Annual report / 1
RC309.C55 Bulletin of the Chicago Tuberculosis Institute. 1
RC309.C57H91 The people versus tuberculosis / 1
RC309.C6S76 The Santorium of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, 1904-1934, located at Spivak, Colorado. 1
RC309.I3N2 The work of the Edward Sanatorium. An institution for the treatment of incipient pulmonary tuberculosis ... Including the Annual report ... 1
RC309.M4 Annual report. 1
RC309.N7 C64 2000 From chaos to coercion : detention and the control of tuberculosis / 1
RC309.N7N5 Tuberculosis, a family problem; the story of the Home hospital of the A.I.C.P. 1
RC309.N7O8 The rehabilitation program at the Municipal Sanitorium, Otisville, N. Y. / 1
RC309.N7S8 The quarterly bulletin. A journal of tuberculosis and chronic pulmonary diseases. 1
RC309.O3C65 Merriam memorial survey of tuberculosis control in Cleveland, Ohio for the year 1930; a survey of the program for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis in Cleveland. 1
RC309.P4B380 1992 Bargaining for life : a social history of tuberculosis, 1876-1938 / 1
RC309.P4 C66 2019 State of health : pleasure and politics in Venezuelan health care under Chávez / 2
RC309.P4 P47 1887 A contribution to the climatological study of phthisis in Pennsylvania / 1
RC309.S24 Report of the director and financial report. Reprints of scientific papers. The Saranac Lake Academy of Medicine. 1
RC309.S362 1908 Treatise on pulmonary consumption, in which a new view of the principles of its treatment is supported by original observations on every period of the disease : to which is added an inquiry proving that the medicinal properties of the digitalis, or fox-glove, are diametrically opposite to what they are believed to be / 1
RC309.U5 Record of completed cases of tuberculosis at the United States Army General Hospital, Fort Bayard, N. Mex. 1
RC309.W2 L47 1998 Contagion and confinement : controlling tuberculosis along the Skid Road / 1
RC309.W6W2 Biennial report. 1
RC309.5.A778R646 1999 Life over death : Tasmanians and tuberculosis / 1
RC309.5.B3S635 2009 Socioeconomic divides in tuberculosis control : study of smear-positive TB prevalence, care seeking behaviour and role of informal healthcare providers / 1
RC309.5.B6N641 2009 Vozes de Campos do Jordão : experiências sociais e psíquicas do tuberculoso pulmonar no estado de São Paulo / 1
RC309.5.C2 Building resistance : children, tuberculosis, and the Toronto sanatorium / 1
RC309.5.G3B585 1921 Die hallische Fürsorgestelle für Lungenkranke in der Zeit vom 1. Hartungs 1921 bis 31. Julmonds 1921. 1
RC309.5.G3C66 2000 Lungenheilanstalt und Patientenschicksal : Sozialgeschichte der Tuberkulose in Deutschland und England im späten 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert / 1
RC309.5.G3D487 1909 Walderholungsstätten vom Rotzen Kreuz. Festschrift zum zehnjährigen betehen der Abtheilung für erholungsstätten des Volksheilstätten-vereins vom Roten kreuz in Berlin. 1
RC309.5.G3 L86 2012 The phantom sanatorium : Beelitz Heilstätten / 1
RC309.5.G3S3 1988 Die Volksheilstätten-Bewegung in Deutschland um 1900 : zur Ideengeschichte der Sanatoriumstherapie für Tuberkulöse / 1
RC309.5.G7A3 1915 First report of the special investigation committee upon the incidence of phthisis in relation to occupations : the boot and shoe industry. 1
RC309.5.G7N3 Handbook of tuberculosis schemes for Great Britain and Ireland. 1
RC309.5.G7P94 The Papworth families : a 25 years survey / 1
RC309.5.I5B3 Report. 1
RC309.5.N35K75 1999 Drums and syringes : patients and healers in combat against TB bacilli and hungry ghosts in the hills of Nepal / 1
RC309.5.S57 Z87 2011 Tuberculosis (1860-1960) : Slovenia's Golnik Sanatorium and TB in Central Europe / 1
RC309.5.S9R58 1998 Hausordnung und Liegekur : vom Volkssanatorium zur Spezialklinik : 100 Jahre Zürcher Höhenklinik Wald / 1
RC309.5.S95H91 Hundert Jahre Lungen-Kurort Davos. (Internationales Symposium, Davos, [1965]. Durchgeführt vom Ärzteverein Davos. Vorträge.) 1
RC310.B88 The story of clinical pulmonary tuberculosis, 1
RC310 .B96 2012 Spitting blood : the history of tuberculosis / 1
RC310.C92 Tuberculosis in history, from the 17th century to our own times. 1
RC310 .D36 2000 Pioneers of medicine and their impact on tuberculosis / 1
RC310.D82 The White plague; tuberculosis, man and society, 1
RC310.D820 1987 The white plague : tuberculosis, man, and society / 1