Call Number (LC) Title Results
QC876.R335 1985 Radiosonde frequency recorder solid state-J113 : instruction manual. 1
QC876.R356 1901 Étude sur les déflecteurs actuels de MM. W. Thomson, Clausen, Gareis et Florian ... 1
QC876.S340 Physical principles of micro-meteorological measurements / 1
QC876.S44 2002 Spectral imaging of the atmosphere / 1
QC876.S445 1867 La météorologie et le météographie à l'Exposition universelle /
La météorologie et le météographe à l'Exposition universelle /
QC876.S4455 1867 La météorologie et le météographie à l'Exposition universelle / 1
QC876 .S9 1998a Surface equipment. 1
QC876.T647 1751 Dissertatio physico-oeconomica de instrumentis meteorologicis, cujus partem priorem suffragio ampl. facult. philosophi in univ. Upsal. publico examini submittunt præses Johannes J. Törner ... et respondens ... Laurentius J. Törner Ostrogothi ab diem XII. Junii an. MDCCLI in auditorio Carolino majori H. P. M. S. 1
QC876.U5 1943 Weather instruments workbook. 1
QC876.U5 1952 Radiosonde compatibility tests made at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, June 4-20, 1951. 1
QC876.U558 1950 The development and flight testing of a balloon radiosonde of high precision for the study of the stratosphere. 1
QC876.U58 Catalog of meteorological instruments in the Museum of History and Technology. 1
QC876.W18 Eine Ballonsonde zur Messung von Röntgenstrahlung und solarer Ultrastrahlung. 1
QC876.W67 Die selbstregistrirenden meteorologischen instrumente der Sternwarte in Bern. 1
QC876.W67 1976 Instrument development inquiry. 1
QC876eb Bringing the sun down to Earth : designing inexpensive instruments for monitoring the atmosphere / 1
QC876.7.I8 B67 2008 Gli strumenti di meteorologia dell'Istituto geografico militare / 1
QC877.U58 A proposed nationwide natural disaster warning system (NADWARN); report with background information. 1
QC877.W46 2013 WMO risk management framework / 1
QC877.5 .B38 2002 The Weather Channel : the improbable rise of a media phenomenon / 1
QC877.5.H460 1990 Television weathercasting : a history / 1
QC877.5 .H47 2010 Weather on the air : a history of broadcast meteorology / 1
QC877.5 .H47 2010eb Weather on the air : a history of broadcast meteorology / 1
QC877.5.R335 1981 Radio stations accepting ships' weather and oceanographic observations / 1
QC877.5.R339 1998 How northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio residents interpret meteorological terminology and services through NOAA weather radio / 1
QC877.5.W67 1997 Weather & the media : a press relations guide. 1
QC877.5.W675 1997 Worldwide marine radiofacsimile broadcast schedules. 1
QC878 Air Apparent How Meteorologists Learned to Map, Predict, and Dramatize Weather. 1
QC878.C3 Comparación entre los disgramas termodinámico de la atmósfera, más usados en meteorología ... 1
QC878.I91 Mirovai͡a karta ispariaemosti. 1
QC878.L57 Agroklimaticheskiĭ atlas mira. [B-1431]. 1
QC878.M59 1999 Air apparent : how meteorologists learned to map, predict, and dramatize weather / 1
QC878 .M59 1999eb Air apparent : how meteorologists learned to map, predict, and dramatize weather / 1
QC878.M59 2000 Air apparent : how meteorologists learned to map, predict, and dramatize weather / 1
QC878.P84 The formation and the development of occluding cyclones; a study of surface-weather maps. 1
QC878.S5 1925 The weather map. : Sixth issue. An introduction to modern meteorology / 1
QC878.T26 Preparation and use of weather maps at sea. 1
QC878.U57 Preparation of weather maps and charts. June 1950. 1
QC878.W67 1989 Workshop on graphics in meteorology, 30 November - 2 December 1988. 1
QC878.5.B769 1984 Thermosonde C2n measurements in Hawaii -- August 1982 / 1
QC878.5.C6 Collection of extended abstracts presented at ICMUA sessions and IUGG Symposium 18 : XVII IUGG General Assembly, Canberra, Australia, December 1979 / 1
QC878.5.C61 Collection of extended summaries of contributions presented at CMUA sessions : IAGA/IAMAP Joint Assembly, 22 August-3 September 1977 / 1
QC878.5.C676 1990 Middle and upper atmosphere results : proceedings of the Topical Meeting of the COSPAR Interdisciplinary Scientific Commission C (Meetings C2 and C3) and A (Meeting A5) of the COSPAR Twenty-eighth Plenary Meeting held in The Hague, The Netherlands, 25 June-6 July 1990 / 1
QC878.5.E15 1976 Atmospheric physics from Spacelab : proceedings of the 11th ESLAB Symposium, organized by the Space Science Department of the European Space Agency, held at Frascati, Italy, 11-14 May 1976 / 1
QC878.5.E9 EXAMETNET data report series, annual report. 1
QC878.5.I52 1959 Aéronomie : communications présentées à la réunion de Toronto, septembre 1957 de l'Association internationale de géomagnétisme et d'aéronomie. 1
QC878.5.I530 1980 Low latitude aeronomical processes : proceedings of a symposium of the twenty-second plenary meeting of COSPAR, Bangalore, India, 29 May to 9 June 1979 / 1
QC878.5 .I59 1993eb Diagnostic tools in atmospheric physics : Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Monastero, 22 June-2 July 1993 / 1
QC878.5.I6 1974 Structure and dynamics of the upper atmosphere : proceedings of the 2d course of the International School of Atmospheric physics, Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, held in Erice (Italy), 13-27 June, 1971 / 1
QC878.5.N3 1979 Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Atmospheric Ozone: Its Variation and Human Influences, Algarve, Portugal, October 1-13, 1979 / 1
QC878.5.N370 1980 Exploration of the polar upper atmosphere : proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, held at Lillehammer, Norway, May 5-16, 1980 / 1
QC878.5.N56a Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Upper Atmosphere Physics.
Advances in polar upper atmosphere research.
QC878.5.O780 1990a Optical remote sensing of the atmosphere : summaries of papers presented at the Optical Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere Topical Meeting, February 12-15, 1990, Incline Village, Nevada / 1
QC878.5.P56 Physics and chemistry of upper atmospheres; proceedings of a symposium organized by the summer advanced study institute, held at the University of Orleans, France, July 31- August 11, 1972. 1
QC878.5.P58 Physics of the space environment; a colloquium held at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, Ala., 1970-1971. 1
QC878.5.S640 1983 Solar-terrestrial physics : principles and theoretical foundations : based on the proceedings of the Theory Institute held at Boston College, August 9-26, 1982 / 1
QC878.5.S940 1977 Electric current and atmospheric motion : proceedings of IAGA/IAMAP joint assembly, August 1977, Seattle, Washington / 1
QC878.5.U550 1983 The Upper atmospheres of the earth and planets : proceedings of the topical meeting of the COSPAR Interdisciplinary Scientific Commission C of the COSPAR Twenty-fourth Plenary Meeting held in Ottawa, Canada, 16th May-2nd June 1982 / 1
QC878.5.V73 1979 Issledovanie dinamicheskikh prot͡sessov v verkhneĭ atmosfere : trudy Tretʹego vsesoi͡uznogo soveshchanii͡a po issledovanii͡u dinamicheskikh prot͡sessov v verkhneĭ atmosfere / 1
QC879.A1P7 Planetary and space science. 2