Call Number (LC) Title Results
PE1449.J65 The growth of vocabulary among university students with some consideration of methods of fostering it / 1
PE1449.K3 Tests of literary vocabulary for teachers of English / 1
PE1449.K48 Words and human nature : how to choose and use effective words / 1
PE1449 .K49 2007 Keywords for American cultural studies / 1
PE1449 .K49 2014 Keywords for American cultural studies / 2
PE1449.K49 2014eb Keywords for American cultural studies / 1
PE1449 .K49 2020 Keywords for American cultural studies / 1
PE1449.L29 A handlist of rhetorical terms; a guide for students of English literature, 1
PE1449.L29 1999eb Essential words for the GED 1
PE1449.L42 Unmentionables and other euphemisms. 1
PE1449.L47 Harbrace vocabulary guide / 1
PE1449.L65 Gateway to an English vocabulary, 1
PE1449.L66 Teacher's guide and key to Gateway to an English vocabulary / 1
PE1449.L7 Vocabulary for the college-bound student. 1
PE1449.L73 Senior high school English. 1
PE1449.L75 Word power made easy; the complete three-week vocabulary builder. 1
PE1449.M44 Words: how to know them. 1
PE1449.M68 Noblesse oblige; an enquiry into the identifiable characteristics of the English aristocracy, 1
PE1449.M681 Noblesse oblige; an enquiry into the identifiable characteristics of the English aristocracy 1
PE1449.N34 Kind words : a thesaurus of euphemisms / 1
PE1449.O79 2015 Cognate vocabulary in language acquisition and use : attitudes, awareness, activation / 1
PE1449.P9 The special vocabularies of the public school subjects : nineteen lists, giving the technical and difficult words frequently found in textbooks in grammar and composition (English, French, Latin, German), literature, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, history, general science, biology, chemistry, geography, physics, physiology, home economics, manual training, art and music / 1
PE1449.R26 A dictionary of euphemisms & other double talk : being a compilation of linguistic fig leaves and verbal flourishes for artful users of the English language / 1
PE1449 .R34 1995eb Rawson's dictionary of euphemisms and other doubletalk : being a compilation of linguistic fig leaves and verbal flourishes for artful users of the English language / 1
PE1449 .R44 2006 A man about a dog : euphemisms & other examples of verbal squeamishness / 1
PE1449.R58 The vocabulary of elementary school children ... 1
PE1449.R64 Word attack; a way to better reading. 1
PE1449 .R67 2002eb Didactic crosswords : level 1 / 1
PE1449.S2880 1989 The logodaedalian's dictionary of interesting and unusual words / 1
PE1449.S32 7 keys to a richer vocabulary. 1
PE1449.S35 English word power for physicians and other professionals; a vigorous and cultured vocabulary, 1
PE1449.S36 Das Wortfeld des Lachens und LaŐąchelns im modernen Englisch. 1
PE1449 .S4545 1996eb Better vocabulary in 30 minutes a day / 1
PE1449.S5 College vocabulary building, 1
PE1449.S66 The command of words / 1
PE1449.S67 1947 How to double your vocabulary. 1
PE1449.S69 Power-steering with words 1
PE1449 .S98 2018 Corpus linguistics for vocabulary : a guide for research / 1
PE1449 .T43 2013 Teaching Academic Vocabulary K-8 : Effective Practices across the Curriculum. 1
PE1449.T5 The teacher's word book / 1
PE1449.T51 1927 The teacher's word book / 1
PE1449.T51 1944 The teacher's word book of 30,000 words, 1
PE1449.U80 1985 The Use of words in context : the vocabulary of college students / 1
PE1449.W25 Verbal values. 1
PE1449 .W418 1998 Better wordpower / 1
PE1449 .W439 2000 The pig in the spigot : poems / 1
PE1450 Point, dot, period ... the dynamics of punctuation in text and image / 1
PE1450.B55 Punctuation, and other typographical matters, for the use of printers, authors, teachers, and scholars. 1
PE1450 .B724 2008 Punctuation : art, politics, and play / 1
PE1450.B87 A few thoughts upon pointing and some other helps towards perspicuity of expression. 1
PE1450.B9 A system of punctuation; for the use of schools, 1
PE1450.C271 Mind the stop : a brief guide to punctuation with a note on proof-correction / 1
PE1450.C6 Hand-book of punctuation : with instructions for capitalization, letter-writing, and proof-reading / 1
PE1450.C89 2015 Making a point : the Persnickety story of English punctuation / 1
PE1450 .D68 1988 Webster's New World guide to punctuation / 1
PE1450.G65 1993 The new well-tempered sentence : a punctuation handbook for the innocent, the eager, and the doomed / 1
PE1450 .H33 2006 Getting the point : a panic-free guide to English punctuation for adults / 1
PE1450.L847 2006 The art of punctuation / 1
PE1450 .L85 2006 A dash of style : the art and mastery of punctuation / 1
PE1450.M52 1993 Weg vom Wort--zum Gedankenstrich : zur stilistischen Funktion eines Satzzeichens in der englischen Literatur des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts / 1