Call Number (LC) Title Results
F59.N52G8 New Haven, a rural historical town of Vermont : oration by Hon. J.B. Grinnell and addresses. 1
F59.N78W17 The history and development of North Bennington, Vermont. Haviland hamlet-1761 to 1776; Sage's city-1776 to 1828; North Bennington-1828 to date. 1
F59.N8G8 Centennial proceedings and historical incidents of the early settlers of Northfield, Vt. : with biographical sketches of prominent business men who have been and are now residents of the town / 1
F59.N9G5 A history of Norwich, Vermont. 1
F59.P35B6 Peacham, the story of a Vermont hill town 1
F59.P6C3 History of the town of Pittsford, Vt. : with biographical sketches and family records /
History of the town of Pittsford, Vt., with biographical sketches and family records.
F59.P7B67 The diaries of Sally and Pamela Brown, 1832-1838 [and] Hyde Leslie, 1887, Plymouth Notch, Vermont. 1
F59.P75V2 Pomfret, Vermont 1
F59.P8J8 A history of the town of Poultney, Vermont, from its settlement to the year 1875, with family and biographical sketches and incidents. 1
F59.P9G2 Proctor; the story of a marble town. 1
F59.R3D28 Centennial celebration together with an historical sketch of Reading, Windsor County, Vermont and its inhabitants : from the first settlement of the town to 1874 / 1
F59.R3D3 Centennial celebration, together with an historical sketch of Reading, Windsor County, Vermont and its inhabitants. Volume II / 1
F59.R6W7 History of the town of Rochester, Vt., 1
F59.R7H4 History of the town of Rockingham, Vermont, including the villages of Bellows Falls, Saxtons River, Rockingham, Cambridgeport and Bartonsville, 1753-1907, with family genealogies. 1
F59.R8L9 History of Royalton, Vermont, with family genealogies, 1769-1911, 1
F59.R85H6 Rupert, Vt.; historical and descriptive, 1761-1898. 1
F59.R9D2 Historical Rutland : an illustrated history of Rutland, Vermont, from the granting of the charter in 1761 to 1911. / 1
F59.R9 D86 2008 Ballykilcline rising : from famine Ireland to immigrant America / 1
F59.R9 G66 2011 Redfield Proctor & the division of Rutland / 1
F59.R94M6 1913 History of Ryegate, Vermont, from its settlement by the Scotch-American company of farmers to present time; 1
F59.S12 P43 2009 A brief history of St. Johnsbury / 1
F59.S15D9 The history of St. Albans, Vt. : civil, religious, biographical and statistical / 1
F59.S15S7 History of the St. Albans raid. Annual address before the Vermont Historical Society delivered at Montpelier, Vt., on Tuesday evening, October 17, 1876. 1
F59.S16F2 The town of St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; a review of one hundred twenty-five years to the anniversary pageant 1912, 1
F59.S16L2 Book of words : the pageant of St. Johnsbury : in celebration of the one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the town / 1
F59.S16M86 St. Johnsbury, Vermont, and an important industrial beginnings, 1830 / 1
F59.S18W5 Annals of Salem, Vermont / 1
F59.S2W4 History of Salisbury, Vermont. 1
F59.S49 G7 A pictorial history of the Shelburne Museum 1
F59.S7C2 The valley of the Kedron; the story of the South parish, Woodstock, Vermont; 1
F59.S76H9 History of the town of Springfield, Vermont, 1
F59.S8T530 1993 Three Score and Ten Union Society : being autobiographical accounts of the experiences by some early residents of Stowe, Vermont : recorded in 1874-1875 / 1
F59.S86B6 History of Stowe, Vermont (from 1763 to 1934) 1
F59.S93T565 1980 The John's Bridge site, VT-FR-69 : an early archaic period site in Northwestern Vermont / 1
F59.T4L3 Book of words : the pageant of Thetford, in celebration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the granting of the charter / 1
F59.T4L35 A short history of Thetford, Vermont, 1761-1870. 1
F59.T67C9 Sketches of the town of Topsham, Orange County, Vermont, 1929. 1
F59.T75P5 Collections relating to the history and inhabitants of the town of Townshend, Vermont / 1
F59.W2J8 History of the town of Waitsfield, Vermont, 1782-1908, with family genealogies, 1
F59.W3T5 History of Wallingford, Vermont. 1
F59.W4L6 History of Waterbury, Vermont, 1763-1915, 1
F59.W44B9 The early history of Weathersfield, Vermont : an address delivered August 16, 1921 at the centennial exercises of the First Congregational church, Weathersfield, Vermont / 1
F59.W5 H33 2012 Westminster, Vermont, 1735-2000 : township number one / 1
F59.W5M66 History of Westminster. Vermont sesquicentennial souvenir of Westminster, 1791-1941. 1
F59.W51P360 1982 Waters of the lonely way : a chronicle of Weston, Vermont, 1761-1978 / 1
F59.W57B8 History of Whitingham from its organization to the present time / 1
F59.W57B9 Some facts about the early history of Whitingham, Vermont. 1
F59.W57J6 Green leaves from Whitingham, Vermont: a history of the town. 1
F59.W593 Z45 2010 Williamstown, Vermont in the Civil War / 1
F59.W67W7 A history of the Town of Williston, 1763-1913 : with special reference to Governor Thomas Chittenden, who was the most distinguished citizen of the town as well as of the state / 1
F59.W7W3 The birthplace of Vermont; a history of Windsor to 1781, 1
F59.W8D2 History of Woodstock, Vermont, 1
F60 Seven years' residence in the great deserts of North America ... Illustrated with fifty-eight woodcuts 1
F60.F85W66 1983 Franco-Americans in Vermont : a civil rights perspective. 1
F60.9 Pamphlets on Vermont--History 1
F61 The narrative of John Doy, of Lawrence, Kansas ... 1
F61.C71 Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. 1
F61.C71 v.2 Massachusetts royal commissions, 1681-1774. 1
F61.C71 v.3 [etc.] Transactions. 1
F61.C71 v.4 Papers relating to the Land bank of 1740 / 1