Call Number (LC) Title Results
CD3574.W2S84 1942 Inventory of the county archives of Washington. No. 33, Stevens County (Colville) / 1
CD3578.A1H570 Historical records of Washington State : records and papers held at repositories : a publication of the Washington State Historical Records Advisory Board / 1
CD3578.S4M860 1988 Guide to the archives of the city of Seattle / 1
CD3578.S6C57 1988 City of Seattle Municipal Archives Program guide to the archives of the City of Seattle / 1
CD3579.S48U540 1980 Comprehensive guide to the manuscripts collection and to the personal papers in the University Archives / 1
CD3580.H63 Inventory of the vital statistics records in West Virginia. 1
CD3580.H65 Inventory of the county archives of West Virginia ... 1
CD3584.H5B7 Calendar of the Arthur I. Boreman letters in the State Department of Archives and History / 1
CD3584.H5S8 Calendar of the William E. Stevenson letters in the state Department of archives and history. 1
CD3590.H63 Guide to church vital statistics records in Wisconsin / 1
CD3590.H64 Inventory of the city archives of Wisconsin, third class ... 1
CD3590.H65 Inventory of the county archives of Wisconsin ... 1
CD3590.H68 Inventory of the local government archives of Wisconsin. Village series ... 1
CD3591.A720 Archival preservation of machine-readable records : the final report of the Wisconsin survey of machine-readable public records : a pilot program to accession machine-readable public records of Wisconsin state agencies / 1
CD3591.H65 Guide to public vital statistics records in Wisconsin / 1
CD3591 .W57 1996 Partnerships for preserving Wisconsin history / 1
CD3591.W570 1983 Planning to preserve Wisconsin's history : the archival perspective : a report to the people of Wisconsin on the management of historical records, present conditions and future plans. 1
CD3594.A5 1967 Labor manuscripts in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1
CD3594.D35 Guide to the Wisconsin state archives, 1
CD3594.M538 1982 The Midwest State Archives Guide Project : collateral reports / 1
CD3594.P32 Wisconsin's Civil War archives, 1
CD3594.S738 1982 The Midwest State Archives Guide Project : an evaluation : a report submitted to the National Historical Publication and Records Commission. 1
CD3596.B3H65 Inventory of the archives of the state Banking department of Wisconsin. 1
CD3596.S8H7 Inventory of the state archives of Wisconsin. Department of state (Madison) / 1
CD3598.M55R440 1993 Register of the Milwaukee (Wis.). Mayor. Records of the Henry W. Maier Administration, 1960-1988 : Milwaukee Series 44, Milwaukee Tape 1235A / 1
CD3599.K468U540 1982 Guide to archives and manuscripts in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Area Research Center. 1
CD3599.M55V370 1994 Guide to archival and manuscript collections in the Milwaukee Urban Archives / 1
CD3599.S73 1978 Guide to archives and manuscripts in the University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point Area Research Center. 1
CD3600.H65 Inventory of the county archives of Wyoming. 1
CD3615.9 Pamphlets on Archives--United States 1
CD3620.A67 Archives bulletin. 1
CD3620.C21 Canadian archivist. 1
CD3620.C211 Archivaria. 1
CD3620.D59 Directory of Canadian archival repositories. Annuaire des archives canadiennes. 1
CD3620.D591 Directory of Canadian records and manuscript repositories. 1
CD3620.M33 Bulletin /
Machine readable records bulletin.
Electronic records bulletin.
CD3620.N37a Annual review of the National Archives of Canada = Revue annuelle des Archives nationales du Canada. 1
CD3620.P82a Accessions / 2
CD3620.U58 Bulletin.
The bulletin /
CD3621 .A725 2011 Archival narratives for Canada : re-telling stories in a changing landscape / 1
CD3621 .B47 2010eb Better off forgetting? : essays on archives, public policy, and collective memory / 1
CD3621 .B48 2010 Better off forgetting? : essays on archives, public policy, and collective memory / 1
CD3621.P830 1983 Federal records centres, users guide. 1
CD3621.S60 1980 Canadian archives : report to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada / 1
CD3622.A2 N86 1999 Canada and Asia : guide to archive and manuscript sources in Canada / 1
CD3622.A2U58 Union list of manuscripts in Canadian repositories = Catalogue collectif des manuscrits des archives canadiennes / 1
CD3622.A2U581 Union list of manuscripts in Canadian repositories. Supplement = Catalogue collectif des manuscrits conservés dans les dépôts d'archives canadiens. Supplément. 1
CD3622.A28 Bulletin. 1
CD3622.A3 Preliminary inventory. 1
CD3622.A31 General inventory; manuscripts. Inventaire général; manuscrits. 1
CD3623.A5 1972 Archives: mirror of Canada past. 1
CD3623.A5 1975 Organisation et opérations relatives à la gestion des documents / 1
CD3623.A740 1983 Archival citations : suggestions for the citation of documents at the Public Archives of Canada / 1
CD3623.A76 The Archivist. 1
CD3623.A870 1985 The management of the Federal Records Centres / 1
CD3623.N37 1991 Government Archives Division / 1
CD3623.N374 1992 Treasures of the National Archives of Canada. 1
CD3623.P80 1980 The machine readable archives : an overview of its operations and procedures. 1
CD3623.P80 1984 Federal records centres users' guide. 1
CD3626 1909 Index to reports of Canadian Archives from 1872 to 1908. 1