Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS1556.E44 2000 Influences and traditions underlying the vision of Daniel 7:2-14 : the research history from the end of the 19th century to the present / 1
BS1556.F69 Daniel / 1
BS1556.F9 Der prophet Daniel 1
BS1556.G2 Pensieri sulle LXX. settimane di Daniele, da P. Giambatista Gallicciolli ... 1
BS1556.G35 Prælectiones academicæ in Danielem prophetam ... 1
BS1556.G38 2009 Historical issues in the book of Daniel / 1
BS1556.G8 Des Gregorius Abulfarag, 1
BS1556.G93 2003 Cosmic battle and political conflict : studies in verbal syntax and contextual interpretation of Daniel 8 / 1
BS1556.H2 Commentar über das buch Daniel. 1
BS1556.H35 Hoffnung in der Bedrängnis : e. formkrit. Unters. zu Dan 8 u. 10-12 / 1
BS1556.H43 The book of Daniel : introduction and commentary. 1
BS1556.H63 The Book of Daniel ; its prophetic character and spiritual meaning / 1
BS1556.H65 Das neu entdeckte vierte Buch des Daniel : kommentars von Hippolytus. 1
BS1556.H65L5 Commentaire sur Daniel. 1
BS1556 .H84 The whole prophecie of Daniel explained, by a paraphrase, analysis and briefe comment : wherein the severall visions shewed to the prophet are clearly interpreted, and the application thereof vindicated against dissenting opinions / 1
BS1556.J363 1889 A commentary on the book of Daniel / 1
BS1556.J62 Notizen zum buche Daniel. Etwas über die bücher Sifra und Sifre. 1
BS1556.K44 2000 Hellenismus und Judentum : vier Studien zu Daniel 7 und zur Religionsnot unter Antiochus IV / 1
BS1556.K65 Das Buch Daniels, 1
BS1556.L181 The book of Daniel / 1
BS1556.L363 1995 Hosea. 1
BS1556.L423 1994 Daniel / 1
BS1556.M75 Daniel the prophet. 1
BS1556.M8 A plain and continued exposition of the several prophecies or divine visions of the prophet Daniel, which have or may concern the people of God, whether Jew or Christian; whereunto is annexed a threefold appendage, touching three main points, the first, relating to Daniel, the other two to the Apocalypse. 1
BS1556 .N36 1999 Isaac Newton's observations on the prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John : a critical edition / 1
BS1556.N49 1760 Anmärkningar vid Daniels prophetior och Johannes Uppenbarelse. I Tvänne delar. 1
BS1556.O4 In Danielem Prophetam Ioannis Oecolampadij libri duo : omnigena & abstrusiore cum Hebraeorum tum Graecorum scriptorum doctrina referti. 1
BS1556 .P37 The visions and prophecies of Daniel expounded : wherein the mistakes of former interpreters are modestly discovered, and the true meaning of the text made plain by the words and circumstances of it : the same also illustrated by clear instances taken out of histories which relate the events of time mystically foretold by the holy prophet : amongst other things of note, touching the two witnesses, the New Jerusalem, the thousand years &c. here is propounded a new way for the finding out of the determinate time signified by Daniel in his seventy weeks, when it did begin and when we are to expect the end thereof : very considerable in respect of the great stirs and tumults of this present age wherein we live / 1
BS1556.P7 1965 Daniel: a commentary / 1
BS1556.P9 A critical commentary on the book of Daniel : designed especially for students of the English Bible / 1
BS1556.R66 1771 Auslegung der Weissagungen Daniels, die in die Zeit des Neuen Testaments hineinreichen : nebst ihrer Vergleichung mit der Offenbarung Johannis, nach der Bengelischen Erklärung derselben / 1
BS1556 .S34 1629 Vindiciæ Danielis : strange prophecies from the monachie of this land, or, an essay of the presages of the late prodigious comet pertaining to these our times, in parables / 1
BS1556 .S36 2015 Nebukadnezzars Traum von den vier Weltreichen und die Auslegung des Danielbuchs in der "Fürstenpredigt" Thomas Müntzers / 1
BS1556.S48 2003 Prorochestva Knigi Daniila : 597 god do n.ė. - 2240 god n.ė / 1
BS1556.S65 S8 1886 Tankar, kritiska och praktiska ofver Daniels Bok och Uppenbarelsen : innehallande en utlaggning, text for text af dessa vigtiga delar af den heliga skrift / 1
BS1556.S72 Thoughts, critical and practical, on the book of Daniel and the Revelation. 1
BS1556.S85 A commentary on the book of Daniel / 1
BS1556.T4 1893 The prophecies of Daniel / 1
BS1556.V44 Hermanni Venema Commentarius ad Danielis cap. XI:4-45. & XII:1-3. : Quo sensus sermonis cum studio investigatur, et ex historia confirmatur ac illustratur. 1
BS1556.W46 2010 Dissonance and the drama of divine sovereignty in the book of Daniel / 1
BS1556 .W46 2010eb Dissonance and the drama of divine sovereignty in the book of Daniel / 1
BS1556.W5 1839 Die 70 Wochen und die 63 Jahrwochen des Propheten Daniel erörtert und erläutert ... : Nebst einer ... Untersuchung über den Sinn und die ursprüngliche Gestalt der Reden Jesu ... in den synoptischen Evangelien / 1
BS1556.W7 Hexapla in Danielem, that is, A six-fold commentarie upon the most divine prophesie of Daniel : wherein according to the method propounded in Hexapla upon Genesis and Exodus, sixe things are observed in every chapter. I. The argument and method. 2. The divers readings. 3. The questions discussed. 4. Doctrines noted. 5. Controversies handled. 6. Morall observations applyed ... / 1
BS1556.Y7 The prophecy of Daniel, a commentary. 1
BS1557.L9 Die kommende Kirche : dis Botschaft des Propheten Daniel / 1
BS1558.D2R8 Darius, the Mede and the four empires in the book of Daniel; a historical study of contemporary theories, 1
BS1558.D2W6 Darius the Mede : a study in historical identification / 1
BS1558.F7I7 Babylon and infidelity foredoomed of God : a discourse on the prophecies of Daniel and the apocalypse, which relate to these latter times. 1
BS1558.F7J3 Antiqvae et pervulgatae de qvatvor monarchiis sententiae contra recentiorvm qvorvndam obiectiones plenior et vberior assertio /
Literator Celta, sev, De excolenda literatvra Evropaea, occidentali et septentrionali consilivm et conatvs /
BS1558.F7V5 Hermanni Venema Dissertationes ad vaticinia Danielis emblematica : cap. II, VII, et VIII : de quatuor orientis regnis, ordine sibi successuris, et quinto messiæ ... 1
BS1558.F7V51 Hermanni Venema Dissertationes ad vaticinia Danielis emblematica : cap. II, VII, et VIII. Et commentarius ad Dan. XI: 4-45 et XII: 1-3. 1
BS1558.L2C77 1986 Word order in the Aramaic of Daniel / 1
BS1558.L2S82 1992 The Aramaic of Daniel in the light of Old Aramaic / 1
BS1558.N2D6 Nabonid im Buche Daniel / 1
BS1558.S5B7 Le LXX [i.e. settanta] settimane di Daniele e le date messianiche; 1
BS1558.S5B9 De hebdomadis, qvae apvd Danielem sunt, opusculum ... 1
BS1558.S5F7 A dissertation on the seventy weeks of Daniel.The particular and exact fulfilment of which prophecy is considered and proved, / 1
BS1558.S5F8 Die exegese der siebzig wochen Daniels in der alten und mittleren zeit. 1
BS1558.S5M58 Ioannis Davidis Michaelis ... Epistolae de LXX hebdomadibus Danielis ad D. Ioannem Pringle ... 1
BS1558.S5M6 Versuch über die siebenzig Wochen Daniels : ein Auszug dessen, was er in seinem critischen Collegio über das neunte Capitel Daniels neues bemerket hat / 1