Author Results
Illinois.Commissioner of Banks and Trust Companies 1
Illinois.Commissioners to construct the Illinois southern hospital for insane, at Anna 1
Illinois.Committee for 1960 White House Conference 1
Illinois.Committee for 1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth 2
Illinois.Committee for 1970 White House Conference on Children and Youth 5
Illinois Committee for Constitutional Revision 1
Illinois.Committee of 50 to Re-examine the Illinois Constitution 10
Illinois.Committee of Fifty 1
Illinois.Committee on Agricultural Migrant Workers 2
Illinois Committee on Black Concerns in Higher Education 1
Illinois.Committee on Child Welfare Legislation 3
Illinois.Committee on Early Location and Care of Handicapped Children 1
Illinois.Committee on Emotionally Disturbed Children 2
Illinois.Committee on Hearing Impaired Children 1
Illinois.Committee on Infantile Paralysis 2
Illinois Committee on Militarism in Education 1
Illinois committee on public utility information, Chicago 1
Illinois.Committee on Rights of Minors 2
Illinois.Committee on School Organization 1
Illinois.Committee on the Age of Majority and Legal Rights and Responsibilities for Youth 1
Illinois.Committee on the Study of the Workings of the Indeterminate-Sentence Law and Parole 1
Illinois.Committee on Young Children in State Correctional Institutions 1
Illinois.Committee on Youth and the Law 1
Illinois Committee to Abolish Capital Punishment 1
Illinois.Committee to Investigate Chronic Diseases among Indigents 1
Illinois.Committee to Study Public Statewide Services for Children 1
Illinois.Community-Based Children's Services Task Force 1
Illinois Community College Board 9
Illinois Community College Board.Data and characteristics 1
Illinois Community College Trustees Association 1
Illinois.Commuter Rail Service Board 2
Illinois, complainant.State of Illinois 1
Illinois.Comprehensive County Hospitals, Health, and Allied Medical Programs.Governing Commission of Cook County 1
Illinois.Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan 1
Illinois.Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan.Office of the Board of Directors 1
Illinois.Comprehensive State Health Planning Agency 5
Illinois.Comptroller's Office 11
Illinois.Comptroller's Office.Local Government Affairs Division 1
Illinois Concrete Machinery Co., Oklahoma City 1
Illinois Conference of Charities 1
Illinois Conference of Latin Americanists 1
Illinois Conference of Latin Americanists.Conference(6th :1982 :Eastern Illinois University) 1
Illinois Conference on Children's Priorities for the '80's(1981 :Springfield, Ill.) 1
Illinois Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Health(1970 :University of Illinois).Executive Board 1
Illinois Conference on Foreign Languages in Junior and Community Colleges(1972 :Champaign, Ill.) 1
Illinois.Conference on Higher Education.Committee on Cooperation 1
Illinois Conference on Industrial Research(1948 :Chicago) 1
Illinois Conference on Public Welfare.Mental Hygiene Division 1
Illinois Conference on Social Welfare 5
Illinois Conference on Water Resources Development, Chicago, 1964 1
Illinois conferences of charities 1
Illinois.Conflict of Interest Laws Commission 1
Illinois Congregational Conference
Illinois.Conservation Advisory Board 1
Illinois.Constitution 12
Illinois.Constitution (1818) 13
Illinois.Constitution (1848) 15
Illinois.Constitution (1870) 22
Illinois.Constitution (1870).1969 1
Illinois.Constitution (1870)1969 1