Author Results
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Operette.Stately homes of England 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Operette.Where are the songs we sung 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Pacific 1860.Bright was the day 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Pacific 1860.This is a changing world 2
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Peace in our time 2
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Plays eight 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Plays five 6
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Plays four 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Plays one 4
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Plays six 4
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Point Valaine 2
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Post-mortem 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Present laughter 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Private lives 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Private lives.Some day I'll find you 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Private lives.Someday I'll find you 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Quadrille 2
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Relative values 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Ritz Bar 2
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Salute to the brave 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Set to music.Never again 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Song at twilight 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Songs.Selections 2
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.South Sea bubble 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.South sea bubble 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Star quality 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Still life 4
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Suite in three keys 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.This happy breed 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.This was a man 2
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.This year of grace.Dance, little lady 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.This year of grace.Mary make-believe 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.This year of grace.Room with a view 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.This year of grace.World weary 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.To-night at 8.30 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8.30 10
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Astonished heart 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Family album 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Fumed oak 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Hands across the sea 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Red peppers 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Shadow play 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Shadow play.You were there 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.Star chamber 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Tonight at 8:30.We were dancing 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Volcano 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Vortex 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Waiting in the wings 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Ways and means 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Words and music.Let's say good-bye 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Words and music.Mad about the boy 1
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Words and music.Mad dogs and Englishmen 4
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Words and music.Party's over now 5
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Words and music.Something to do with spring 3
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Works.Selections (Methuen Publishing Ltd.) 6
Coward, Noel,1899-1973.Young idea 2
Coward, Noël Pierce 1
Coward, R. E 1
Coward, Raymond T 9