Author Results
Committee for the Study of Special Diseases.Report for 1
Committee for the Survey of the Memorials of Greater London 2
Committee for the Tour of the Chinese Youth Delegation 1
Committee for the Unification of Analytical Methods for Food-products, International
Committee for the Village and Small Town--ECOVAST Russia
Committee for the Visibility of the Other Black Woman: the Black Lesbian 1
Committee for the Visual Arts/Artists Space 1
Committee for the World Atlas of Agriculture 1
Committee for Trade Mark and Industrial Design Matters 1
Committee for Unified Newark 1
Committee for Whaling Statistics 1
Committee in Behalf of the Paper-manufacturers of the U.S 1
Committee in Support of Solidarity (New York, N.Y.) 1
Committee of 100 for Tibet and the Dalai Lama Foundation
Committee of 100 for Tibet & the Dalai Lama Foundation 1
Committee of 100 of South Bend and Mishawaka 1
Committee of 1400 1
Committee of 30 on U.S.-Chinese Economic Cooperation 1
Committee of 48 (U.S.) 1
Committee of Adventurers for Lands in Ireland 2
Committee of Adventurers in London for Lands in Ireland 10
Committee of American Business Men 1
Committee of American Steamship Lines 2
Committee of Ancient Near Eastern Seals 1
Committee of Arrangements for the Ter-centenary Celebration of the Birth of Shakspeare (Lowell, Mass.) 1
Committee of Associated Institutions of Science and Arts 1
Committee of Associated Mechanics 1
Committee of Association (Newcastle upon Tyne, England) 2
Committee of Association of the County of York 15
Committee of Association of the Courts of York 1
Committee of Association (St. Marylebone : London, England) 2
Committee of Australian Law Deans 1
Committee of Australian University Librarians.Seminar(1979 :Canberra) 1
Committee of Bank Officers, New York (N.Y.) 1
Committee of British Merchants Interested in the Commerce With America
Committee of British Merchants Trading to North America Previous to the American War 5
Committee of Buyers of East-India Piece Goods for Home Consumption 2
Committee of Calgary Builders and Suppliers 1
Committee of Cinematography of the Russian Federation
Committee of Citizens Appointed to Consider the Proceedings of the Trustees of Dudley Observatory 1
Committee of Citizens (Edinburgh, Scotland) 2
Committee of Citizens of Boston for the Relief of Sufferers by the Great Fire at St. John, N.B 1
Committee of Citizens to Survey the Social and Health Needs and Services of Greater Boston 1
Committee of Co-operation
Committee of Coal Mine Managers 1
Committee of Communist Revolutionaries 1
Committee of Concern for Homosexuals 2
Committee of Concern for Homosexuals (Berkeley, Calif.) 1
Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars 7
Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars.CCAS newsletter 1
Committee of Concerned Citizens (Guyana) 1
Committee of Concerned Indian Philosophers for Social Action 1
Committee of Confederate Associations (New Orleans, La.) 1
Committee of Consumers of Corn, Hay and Straw 1
Committee of Control (European Economic Community and Euratom) 1
Committee of Cooperation for European Parliamentary Studies 1
Committee of Correspondence (Albany, N.Y.)
Committee of Correspondence & Exhibitions of British Guiana 1
Committee of Correspondence in Dominica 1
Committee of Correspondence (Musical group) 4