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Nordic Council for Arctic Medical Research 1
Nordic Council for Research on European Integration Law
Nordic Council for Scientific Information and Research Libraries
Nordic Council for Tax Research
Nordic Council of Ministers 39
Nordic Council of Ministers. Information Centre
Nordic Council of Ministers.Information Office 1
Nordic Council of Ministers. Informat͡sionnyĭ t͡sentr v Sankt-Peterburge
Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordic Clinical Chemistry Project
Nordic Council of Ministers.Nordic Environment Report Group 1
Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art
Nordic Council of Ministers.Nordic Literature and Library Committee 1
Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordic Saami Institute
Nordic Council of Ministers.Nordiska kulturkommissionen 2
Nordic Council of Ministers. Sámi instituhtta
Nordic Council of Ministers.Secretariat 2
Nordic Council of Ministers.Secretariat for Nordic Cultural Co-operation 5
Nordic Council of Ministers.Working Group on Sustainable Consumption and Production 1
Nordic Council.Presidium 1
Nordic Council.Presidium Secretariat 1
Nordic Council.Session 2
Nordic Course on Vascular Prostheses(1985 :Skokloster, Sweden) 1
Nordic Demographic Symposium(14th :2001 :Tjøme, Norway) 1
Nordic Demographic Symposium(15th :2005 :Aalborg universitet) 1
Nordic Dithranol Symposium(1991) 1
Nordic Ecumenical Institute 2
Nordic Federation of General Practice 1
Nordic Film/T.V. Association
Nordic Film/TV Association 2
Nordic Five (Musical group) 1
Nordic Gentamicin Symposium(1st :1972 :Stockholm) 1
Nordic Health Economists' Study Group 1
Nordic Historical Congress(1987 :Reykjavík, Iceland) 1
Nordic Hypertension Meeting(10th :1980 :Korpilampi, Finland) 1
Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research
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Nordic Institute for Asian Studies
Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art 3
Nordic Institute for Theoretical Atomic Physics
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies 79
Nordic Institute of Folklore 5
Nordic Institute of Folklore.Skrifter 1
Nordic-International Colloquium on Social and Cultural Awareness and Responsibility in Library, Information, and Documentation Studies(2001) 1
Nordic International Studies Association 2
Nordic Irish Studies Network 1
Nordic Joint Council on Criminology
Nordic Language Secretariat
Nordic Liaison Committee for Atomic Energy 2
Nordic Ministerial Council
Nordic Music Committee
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Nordic Musical Cooperation Committee
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Nordic (Musical group) 1
Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication.Annual Symposium(3rd :1996 :Aalborg University) 1
Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication.Annual Symposium(4th :1997 :Tartu, Estonia) 1
Nordic New Testament Conference(6th :1999 :Hillerød, Denmark) 2
Nordic New Testament Conference(7th :2003 :Stavanger, Norway) 1
Nordic Oncology Seminar(4th :1990 :Storlien, Sweden) 1
Nordic Orthopaedic Federation
Nordic Orthopedic Federation 2
Nordic Oto-Laryngological Society.Congress(27th :1999 :Odense, Denmark) 1
Nordic Paediatric Congress(21st :1985 :Oulu, Finland) 1