Author Results
New College (University of Oxford) 8
New College (University of Oxford).Chapel 1
New College (University of Oxford).Choir 112
New College (University of Oxford).Choristers 1
New College (University of Oxford).Library.Manuscript.333 1
New College (University of Oxford).Library.Manuscript.334 1
New Collegium (Musical group) 2
New Colophonium Bassquartet 1
New Columbia Fiddlers 1
New Columbian Brass Band 2
New Columbus Lithograph Company 2
New Commonwealth Institute 1
New Commonwealth (Organization) 5
New Commonwealth (Organization).Pamphlets.Series A 1
New Commonwealth Society
New Company (Musical group) 6
New Concept Information Systems (New Delhi, India 1
New Concepts in Primate Production Conference(1972 :Batelle Seattle Research Center) 1
New Concert Orchestra 1
New Contemporaries (1988) Limited 1
New Crime (Firm) 2
New Cross Trust 1
New Crowley Chamber of Commerce, Inc 1
New Crowned Hope Festival 1
New Crowned Hope (Festival)(2006 :Vienna, Austria) 1
New Cultural Histories of India (Conference)(2010 :Centre for Studies in Social Sciences) 1
New Cumberland, West Virginia-Knox Township.Ohio Interstate Air Pollution Abatement Conference1969) 1
New Czech Chamber Orchestra
New, D. A. T.(Denis Alan Trevor) 2
New Dalta Ahkri 1
New, Daniel T. H 2
New, David 1
New, David S 2
New Day Films 72
New Day Films (Firm) 1
New Deal Films, Inc. (Firm) 1
New Deal High School (New Deal, Tex.).Lion Pride Band 1
New Deal Productions 1
New, Dean,1893- 1
New, Debra 2
New Decade Productions 1
New Delhi Associate Centre of World Water Council
New Delhi Centre of World Water Council 1
New Delhi Conference of the Ministers of Information(1976) 1
New Delhi Family Planning Association 1
New Delhi (India). All-India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi (India). Centre for Public Affairs
New Delhi (India). Centre for Public Sector Studies
New Delhi (India) Dillī Saṃskr̥ta Akādamī
New Delhi (India). Documentation Centre for Corporate & Business Policy Research
New Delhi (India). Educational Resources Center
New Delhi (India). Indian National Science Academy
New Delhi, India. Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre
New Delhi (India). Institute of Applied Manpower Research
New Delhi (India). Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies
New Delhi (India).Municipal Corporation 1
New Delhi (India). National Gallery of Modern Art
New Delhi (India). National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development
New Delhi (India). National Institute of Public Finance and Policy
New Delhi (India). National Museum of India