Author Count
Illinois. Pollution Control Board 15
Illinois. Post-war Planning Commission 1
Illinois. Post-war Planning Commission. Committee on Organic Law and Legislation 1
Illinois. Post-war Planning Commission. Committee on Resources 1
Illinois. Post-war Planning Commission. Committee on Services 1
Illinois Postal History Society 1
Illinois Poultry and Egg Shippers' Association Incorporated 1
Illinois Poverty Summit 2
Illinois power and light corporation 1
Illinois Power Company 3
Illinois Prairie Trail Authority 1
Illinois PRAMS
Illinois Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 1
Illinois Preservation Agency
Illinois Press Association 2
Illinois Principals Association 1
Illinois. Prison Crowding, Governor's Task Force on
Illinois. Prison Industries Board 1
Illinois. Prison inquiry commission 1
Illinois. Prisoner Review Board 1
Illinois Prisons and Jails Project 4
Illinois Pro Bono Center 2
Illinois. Probate court 1
Illinois. Probate Court (Cook Co.) 2
Illinois. Probate Court (Cook Co.,Ill.) 2
Illinois. Probate Court (Cook Co.). Rules of practice 1
Illinois. Probate Court (Cook County) 1
Illinois. Professional Advisory Board 1
Illinois. Professional Regulation, Department of
Illinois Progressive Committee 1
Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs 1
Illinois. Property Insurance Study Commission, State
Illinois. Property Tax Administration Bureau 1
Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board 1
Illinois. Property Tax Appeal Board
Illinois. Property Tax Division
  • The Illinois Railroad and Property Tax Division changed its name in 1944 to Property Tax Division and in 1965 to Department of Local Government Affairs and Property Taxes. Works by these bodies published before 1965 are found under Illinois. Property Tax Division. Works published after that change of name are found under Illinois. Department of Local Government Affairs and Property Taxes. SUBJECT ENTRY: Works about these bodies are entered under the name used during the latest period covered. In the case where the required name is represented in this catalog only under a later form of the name, entry is made under the later form.
Illinois. Psychiatric Institute, Chicago 1
Illinois Public Action 3
Illinois Public Action Campaign for Toxic Safety 1
Illinois Public Action Council 2
Illinois Public Aid Commission 14
Illinois Public Aid Commission. Staff Development Section 1
Illinois. Public Aid, Department of
Illinois. Public Assistance Laws Commission 1
Illinois Public Defender Association 2
Illinois Public Employees Pension Laws Commission 2
Illinois. Public Employees Pension Laws Commission
Illinois Public Health Association 1
Illinois. Public Health, Department of
Illinois. Public Health Study and Survey Commission 1
Illinois. Public Instruction, Office of the Superintendent of
Illinois Public Media 1
Illinois. Public Pension Division 1
Illinois Public Records Project 2
Illinois Public School Finance Project. Technical Advisory Panel 1
Illinois. Public Uitlities Commission 1
Illinois. Public Utilities Commission 25
Illinois. Public Utilities Commission. Accounting Section 1
Illinois. Public Utilities Division. Accounts and Finance Dept 1
Illinois. Public Water Supplies, Division of